10 Tips for Hiring Temporary Event Staff10 Tips for Hiring Temporary Event Staff

Event and promotional staff can make your life so much easier when it comes to hosting an event. Here are our hints for hiring event staff, from making a tentative enquiry with a promotional staffing agency to welcoming them on board as part of your team.

#1 Know who and/or what skills you need

Different events dictate the need for different event staff. Before contacting a temporary staffing or promotional staffing agency, think through what roles you need filling and what skills you are short of. By understanding who and what you want, we can come up with a shortlist of great candidates.

#2 Be specific

We find that the clients who are more specific in what and who they need, enjoy much more success at an event. Nothing is too odd, too weird or too quirky.

#3 The right skills AND attitude

Promotional staff who know what they are doing are great but if they do it by being grumpy and rude, then success is not as forthcoming.

#4 The team can change…

… but that doesn’t mean that disaster is looming. Once a booking is confirmed, we endeavour not to change your team but things happen like family issues, illness and so on. Because we have access to thousands of promotional and event staff, we always have people in the wings and we always have a plan B so our service to you remains uninterrupted.

#5 Staff are consistent but different too

All our staff have amazing strengths and no matter how experienced or skilled they are, there are always new things to learn. Every member of our team will bring something different to your event but they will always provide the same high-quality, consistent service you need.

#6 Treat them well

Unfortunately, there are clients who treat temporary staff poorly, which isn’t fair. A lot of our promotional staff have carved very successful careers, working across the UK and beyond with many different people. Some of our staff are using this kind of work as a stepping stone to other careers. But all temporary staff, whether from our agency or from another, should be treated with respect.

#7 They will ask questions

And by answering them, you are giving them valuable information. You may see it as a nuisance but our staff may have identified a gap in their knowledge and that means, they need to get to know something more about the brand, event and so on. We find that for larger events, assigning a point of contact for our staff can be helpful.

#8 Cost

We provide an affordable and competitively priced service. And because we pay our staff well, we keep talented people.

#9 There are regulations

Temporary staff are not people you can ‘use and abuse’. They still need breaks and lunch breaks, they are allowed bathroom breaks and they must also be kept safe whilst they are working for your brand. If you are unsure about the legalities, our team can help.

#10 Feedback

There is nothing better than a ‘thank you, you did great’ at the end of a busy event. And let us know how our staff did too and what you think to our service.


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