What’s On at ExCeL London, October 2019_What’s On at ExCeL London, October 2019?

Often touted as London’s premier events centre, ExCel London is certainly not looking to take it easy in the run-up to Christmas with October being as busy as ever. There are fifteen events currently slated for the ExCeL although more could be added to meet growing demand, so what can we expect?

Create Your Future kicks off the month followed by the HETT Show, both of which have technology at their heart. The HETT Show covers technology in the healthcare setting and with plenty of yet-to-come-to-the-market innovations, our experienced tech demonstrators could be in big demand.

The Brand Licensing Show is as popular as ever and has the ever-popular Property Investor Show 2019 hot on its heels. With all the calamity over Brexit, many property investors will be looking for answers as to whether their investment is safe.

Into the second week of the month and the events at ExCeL tap into the British obsession with baking. The success of the Great British Bake Off is just one example fuelling our love of baking and so you can expect the Cake and Bake Show 2019 to be as busy as ever, if not more so. A three-day event, thousands are expected through the doors.

On at the same time is the London Homebuilding and Renovation Show, a must for anyone with a fondness for DIY and renovating properties.

Just as popular, within the hair and beauty industries at least, is the Salon International 2019 event. A three-day show, this event showcases some of the upcoming hair fashions and trends. For anyone in the hairdressing industry, this show is simply a must.

There are some serious science and tech vibes too mid-October with the Digital Transformation EXPO Europe 2019. If you want to see what the future holds in terms of technological excitement and wizardry, then this is the place to be.

The New Scientists Show 2019 is hot on its heels and is an event that for brands which have scientific innovations at their heart shouldn’t miss. For four days, the ExCeL London will be buzzing with all kinds of scientific inventions, along with talks from famous scientists.

As October gives way to grey November, our spirits will be lifted by the largest dog show in London, Discover Dogs 2019. We look our canine companions and so expect this show to be jam-packed full of the latest doggy products and training techniques too.
At the same our pooches are being pampered, brides and grooms can get the finishing touches to their wedding with the National Wedding Show 2019. Don’t forget, we have catwalk models, perfect for showing your latest collections.

And finally, there is the always colourful MCM London Comic Con. With your favourite characters and superheroes brought to life, why would you miss it?

Need to hire staff for events ExCel London?

We have more than 3,000 registered exhibition staff ready and available to assist you on your stand.


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7 of the Best London Music festivals for Summer 20197 of the Best London Music festivals for Summer 2019

The city always rocks but with such a horde of delightful music events to choose from, you’ll be stuck for choice. But who says you have to choose? Why not go to them all?

JULY 2019

Kicking us off is the Wireless Festival from July 5th to 7th at Finsbury Park. It’s huge this year with Cardi B, Travis Scott, Future and Migos expected to make an appearance.

Starting on the same date but extending right through to the 14th July is British Summer Time, a festival made up of open-air concerts in Hyde Park. There are some outstanding acts on the bill including Robbie Williams, Celine Dion, Florence and the Machine.

Standon Calling brings July to a close and so if you want to see Rag N Bone Man in action, as well as the legendary Nile Rodgers and the likes of Wolf Alice then you need to get yourself over there. As well as great music, you can enjoy a session in a hot tub, a costume parade and something we would love to see is the legendary dog show, whatever that turns out to be…


Fancy something different? The Meltdown Festival runs from the 3rd to 11th August and is a collection of gigs at the Southbank Centre. Each year, a single person decides their ultimate dream line up and this year, it is no other than the legendary Nile Rodgers at the helm. Expect an eclectic mix but expect quality and top performances too.

South West Four is two days of electronic euphoria at Clapham Common. Pop on over to catch Craig David amongst others.

The 80s gave us all kinds of must-forget fashion but it was a great decade for music and so its no wonder that 80s in the Park is slated to be a massive sell out again this year. Grab your dayglo leg warmers and your ra-ra skirt (cos you still have that right?!) and head on over to enjoy tunes you can really sing along to.

Light up the disco dance floor with some amazing tunes at the One Day at the Disco festival on August 24th. This is one of those festivals that you really can’t miss but you’ll have to beg and plead for a ticket as the event at Three Mills Island, London is apparently sold out.

No London festival list would be complete (and this isn’t a complete list, nowhere near but we tried!) without mention of the Notting Hill Carnival, a London institution in its own right. A brilliant and dazzling parade, there are sound systems throughout the neighbourhood that make it busy, noise, rambunctious and frankly, a sheer delight on the senses. It’s one of a kind experience that everyone should experience once in their lifetime – and not just for the atmosphere but for everything about it that makes it such a famous event.

Hire event and festival staff in London

As always, Promotional Models London is on hand to provide all kinds of event, festival and promotional staff for London events. Call us on 0844 800 0071.


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How to Become a Successful ModelHow to Become a Successful Model

The demand for models of all ages, gender, looks and sizes has never been greater. And yet so many would-be models hold themselves back from what could be a successful modelling career as they are put off by the sometimes less-than-pleasant reputation that breaking into modelling can have.

Steps to modelling success!

If you want to break into modelling, here are six steps to modelling success!

Step 1 – Build your photographic portfolio

Your face is your fortune – or your hands, hair, body, depending on the type of modelling you would like to do – but potential clients will only hire you if they can see who you are and what you can do.

Building a portfolio of shots of you in different looks is critical to modelling success but – and this is worth noting – you need to invest in your portfolio with professional photographs. Selfies are not going to cut it! The better lit the photos are, the more you can convey with each shot and the different styles and poses used means you have a more diverse portfolio to show potential clients.

Step 2 – Find a trustworthy modelling agency

This tends to be the step that poses the most ‘danger’ in terms of getting your modelling career started but it seems that with every turn, there is someone trying to scam you out of your money whilst promising to fulfill your modelling dreams.

Modelling, like every other profession, is competitive, rewarding, challenging and competitive. A genuine, trustworthy modelling agency or representative will give just as much detail about them as they want from you.

Take note of their bio, what they say about themselves, what they do and who they represent. Take a look at independent review sites too.

HINT – this step can take time to find genuine modelling agencies. Don’t fall at the first hurdle and fall for the first agency you come across!

Step 3 – Contact modelling agencies

Most agencies will have a similar process of application. You’ll be asked to apply online with a certain number of headshots, as well as completing a form that tells them a little more about you. If they like what they see or represent models in your niche, they will contact you back before they place you on their ‘models to hire’ gallery.

TIP – Some agencies will ask you to attend a modelling shoot and you will pay for the photos.

These are not modelling agencies who represent you but can give you more direction when it comes to applying to model agencies that cover your niche. Take care as they can give the impression they are an ‘agency’ and keep their fees hidden.

Step 4 – Practice

Modelling is a skill, an art and a craft. Small tweaks to how you stand, walk, move your hands and arms or smile can make a big difference to the results a client or photographer wants from models.

Step 5 – Attend castings

Casting is a process that a client will use to choose the model or models they want to hire for their project. Once you have successfully registered with an agency, attending these castings is important because it is from these that you will not only get modelling jobs but start to build your professional experience too.

Step 6 – Being you

Diva antics of a supermodel are not welcomed by anyone, not even the clients of supermodels! Being enthusiastic, genuine, friendly and reliable are key to a successful modelling career along with talent, enthusiasm and confidence. It also requires persistence and tenacity too.

Being a model can bring you so many rewards from working on great projects to travelling, meeting fantastic people and so much more. But it’s hard work too. Do you have what it takes to become a successful model?

7 Trade Show Etiquettes Fails (And How to Avoid Them!)7 Trade Show Etiquettes Fails (And How to Avoid Them!)

It happens. During a busy trade show, energy levels slump or during a quiet period, we grab ourselves some downtime. The problem is, bad trade show etiquette can filter through the entire team and throughout the day. So what are these etiquette fails? How can they be avoided?

#1 Nodding off on the job

We’ve seen – and so have you – the dozing member of staff at the trade show booth. It’s tempting when it’s quiet to grab some downtime, replenishing energy levels for the next busy period.

However, it isn’t sending the right signals to anyone, including your customers.

THE FIX: why are staff falling asleep? For a London trade show, it could be that the event has been so busy and the booth understaffed that staff are completely zapped by mid-day.

Maybe a rota of promotional staff would work better or hire more staff for busy trade shows and exhibitions.

#2 Eating at the booth

Even more common than a sleeping member of staff is a member of booth staff enjoying a Pot Noodle or eating breakfast at the booth. Again, it whiffs of unprofessionalism and not the image you want to give off.

THE FIX: staff are allocated break and meal times outside of the busy periods so that they have a drink, eat, use the bathroom and catch some fresh air (also important for keeping energy levels high).

#3 Chatting for the heck of it

Yes, engagement is important but chatting to fill the time with people who are not prospects or leads is not optimising the opportunities on offer for your brand.

THE FIX: make sure all promo staff are aware of the ‘qualifying filter’ e.g. ascertaining if someone is genuinely looking to buy, their purchasing power and so on. Make sure the team leader is prepared to intervene too.

#4 Not being dressed as per the code

Brands have uniforms for a reason. Contributing to the familiarity with the brand, staff who stick with their own fashion choice are not on the same page.

THE FIX: make sure all staff have branded wear and uniforms in the correct size before the event. Reinforce the expectation it will be worn and done so correctly. Keep spares if you feel it could be a problem.

#5 Breaking venue rules

Some trade show venues in London have stringent rules, usually around health and safety and the like. There are ‘social’ rules too that vary from one venue to another, such as no hot drink in the main hall etc. Breaking these rules can be problematic for the brand.

THE FIX: flag up specific venue rules with all staff and asked that these are adhered to for the duration of the trade show.

#6 Sell, sell, sell!

Almost as bad as sleeping on the job is leaping on people with sales patter as soon as they either dare to walk past your booth or blink in your direction.

THE FIX: emphasise the need for engagement above selling and consider the use of open questions to engage in conversation rather than sales patter.

#7 Not taking notes

Every trade show will give you lessons – the things that worked, what didn’t, bits of the stand that needs repairing, the information you picked up on and so on.

You think you will remember these things but as soon as the doors close and you start your journey home, some smaller bits of information will be instantly forgotten.

THE FIX: discuss not taking at the stat of the conference and provide the booth team with the means to take notes, whether that is a simple paper and pen combo or a tablet.

What other trade show faux pas have you come across?

What’s On – Olympia London, January 2019What’s On – Olympia London, January 2019

Like most major venues, Olympia London plays hosts to some great shows in the New Year. With the festivities behind us, what can we expect from what is arguably London’s most prestigious events venue?

Top Drawer 13 – 15 January 2019

A three-day event full of style and interior design glamour.   And the Top Drawer event will be hosted by Olympia London yet again.  You’ll be rubbing shoulders with established brands, and new talent will be making the most of this trade-only event.

There will be buyers galore here, many of whom will be making their purchasing decisions.  Reason enough to hire hostesses or promotional staff.

Fashion SVP, 15 – 16 January 2019

Another trade-only show that brings together major international fashion suppliers and buyers.  This promises to be a busy and important show. With showcases from new and established suppliers, hire promotional models to show your garments and accessories off. You can attract buyers from across the UK, Europe and beyond.

The Adventure Travel Show, 19 – 20 January 2019

In its 23rd year, this open-to-the-public show is for those travellers who like something other than the packaged holiday. From travel writers to specialist holiday tour guides and operators.   This two-day event promises to be exciting with live shows and over 150 exhibitors from across various sectors.

The Toy Fair, 22 – 24 January 2019

Another trade-only event that brings international buyers to Olympia London. If you are in the toy market, this is an opportunity not to be missed. In effect, it offers golden opportunities to start-ups and small businesses to pitch their goods to buyers, rubbing shoulders with established toy brands such as Hasbro.

Fun, colourful and bright, with our sales, demonstration and promotional staff, you could place your products in front of buyers in the best possible light.

Architect @ Work, 23 – 24 January 2019

This specialist trade-only event brings suppliers under one roof with architects and interior designers flocking to see the latest innovations and current design trends set to come our way in the coming months. A highly respected event, those who are chosen to be included can expect prestige for their products and services.

The France Show, 25 – 27 January 2019

At the tail end of the first month of the New Year, Olympia London is hosting a show that brings together the best of what France has to offer. Food, wine, French delicacies as well as live demonstrations bring this delightful show to life. Again, we have the hospitality staff who can create a wonderful backdrop for your exhibition stand.

Destinations: the Holiday Travel Show, 31 January – 3 February 2019

We know we are pushing into February but we couldn’t resist including this on the what’s on at Olympia London list! It promises to be an amazing four-day event with some big name adventurers and presenters tipped to be making an appearance. Open to the public, it brings the best adventures within the grasps of travellers and would-be adventurers – it makes sense to be part of it.

Better still, use the code OLYWEB to grab yourself two complimentary tickets from now until 30th January 2019 for the show!

Olympia London Show Links

Top Drawer –
Fashion SVP –
Adventure Travel Show –
The Toy Fair –
Architect @ Work –
The France Show –
Destinations –

Three Secrets to Trade Show SuccessThree Secrets to Trade Show Success

We have worked with hundreds of clients to make trade shows and exhibitions the success that they want and need them to be. Some are more successful than others. Are there secrets to trade show success?

We’ve got three great insider tips…

The starting point

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression, a fact that will serve as our starting point.

With the exhibition season in full swing, our handpicked teams of promotional staff are working their magic at trade show stands and exhibition booths across the country. But only a fraction of brands will get what they want from the trade show, despite our best efforts and brilliant staff.

You need to start well and that means creating the right impression. An impressive stand with professionally designed materials and backdrop is key, staffed by people wearing your logo and brand colours to give a corporate, professional feel.

But you are only half way there. And these are the secrets you need to be let in on.

#1 Buyers buy from PEOPLE

The crash of 2008 and the subsequent austerity measures are still hurting. Well-known names disappeared overnight and so no matter what you are selling, whether it is luxury holidays or scrubbing brushes, people buy from people.

The stand may look beautiful. It may look professional. It may be stunning with flashing lights and the latest tech. But the first minutes of talking to the staff on your stand is the time that a consumer will make the decision whether to buy from you. Or not.

Professional promotional, event and trade show staff are worth their weight in gold – or sales and qualified leads! Isn’t it time you took a closer look at hiring promotional staff for your next trade show?

#2 It’s not all talk, talk, talk…

Communication is not just about talking. It is listening too, understanding what the customer is saying, what their problem is and what solution you could offer.

We communicate verbally and non-verbally. And that is why those non-verbal signs are just as important as a trade show stand team with the gift of the gab.
It is how people look, the smile that they give and the overall impression that they want to be there.
It is the looking attentive, rather than standing back with arms folded. It is the ‘being busy but approachable’ look, something that comes with experience and practice.

#3 Don’t leap on people

There is a balance to be struck. Yes, the stand cost a lot of money, you need a return on your investment, you want to engage and connect with customers, you need leads…

Take a breath! Everyone is in the same position but some stands seem more manic than others. Staff encroach on the aisle space, with an almost on-the-prowl look about them.

Don’t leap. Don’t crowd people out. Let people browse. Say hello, offer help, have a chat but do it with a professional calmness rather than a manic, over-the-top exuberance.

Our promotional and event staff are a talented bunch. They are experienced too, having worked at many different kinds of trade shows and exhibitions at venues across the UK and the international trade show scene too. They can provide ideas and feedback that mean with small tweaks in the way things are done, could give you a fantastic return.


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10 Tips for Hiring Temporary Event Staff10 Tips for Hiring Temporary Event Staff

Event and promotional staff can make your life so much easier when it comes to hosting an event. Here are our hints for hiring event staff, from making a tentative enquiry with a promotional staffing agency to welcoming them on board as part of your team.

#1 Know who and/or what skills you need

Different events dictate the need for different event staff. Before contacting a temporary staffing or promotional staffing agency, think through what roles you need filling and what skills you are short of. By understanding who and what you want, we can come up with a shortlist of great candidates.

#2 Be specific

We find that the clients who are more specific in what and who they need, enjoy much more success at an event. Nothing is too odd, too weird or too quirky.

#3 The right skills AND attitude

Promotional staff who know what they are doing are great but if they do it by being grumpy and rude, then success is not as forthcoming.

#4 The team can change…

… but that doesn’t mean that disaster is looming. Once a booking is confirmed, we endeavour not to change your team but things happen like family issues, illness and so on. Because we have access to thousands of promotional and event staff, we always have people in the wings and we always have a plan B so our service to you remains uninterrupted.

#5 Staff are consistent but different too

All our staff have amazing strengths and no matter how experienced or skilled they are, there are always new things to learn. Every member of our team will bring something different to your event but they will always provide the same high-quality, consistent service you need.

#6 Treat them well

Unfortunately, there are clients who treat temporary staff poorly, which isn’t fair. A lot of our promotional staff have carved very successful careers, working across the UK and beyond with many different people. Some of our staff are using this kind of work as a stepping stone to other careers. But all temporary staff, whether from our agency or from another, should be treated with respect.

#7 They will ask questions

And by answering them, you are giving them valuable information. You may see it as a nuisance but our staff may have identified a gap in their knowledge and that means, they need to get to know something more about the brand, event and so on. We find that for larger events, assigning a point of contact for our staff can be helpful.

#8 Cost

We provide an affordable and competitively priced service. And because we pay our staff well, we keep talented people.

#9 There are regulations

Temporary staff are not people you can ‘use and abuse’. They still need breaks and lunch breaks, they are allowed bathroom breaks and they must also be kept safe whilst they are working for your brand. If you are unsure about the legalities, our team can help.

#10 Feedback

There is nothing better than a ‘thank you, you did great’ at the end of a busy event. And let us know how our staff did too and what you think to our service.


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Three Fantastic July Shows at Olympia LondonThree Fantastic July Shows at Olympia London

Olympia London has a packed schedule of shows and summer 2018 is no exception. Running from 6th to 8th July, there are three shows that are guaranteed to draw crowds to the venue.

If you are exhibiting at these shows, you’ll need a professional team of promotional staff to make the most of the three-day event. And there is the perfect team at Promotional Models London!

The Just V Show

More of us are turning to vegetarian and vegan diets to support the healthier lifestyle we want to live and the Just V Show celebrates everything to do with this choice.

Ticket holders for one of the shows can also access the others and so when you exhibit at this show, you are also catching the attendees and guests at the others too.

This will make for a busy exhibition and trading space at the Just V Show thus, you will need a promotional team that is knowledgeable not just about your products and services, but about the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle choices too.

Why not hire professional sales staff to catch the imagination of attendees at the show and increase on-the-day sales?

The Allergy & Free From Show

Whether it is a healthy choice or to manage health issues, we are becoming increasingly aware of how our diet affects our overall health.

From managing skin complaints to dealing with intolerances, there are many reasons why decreasing our consumption or omitting certain ingredients from our diet can have a positive effect.

The Allergy & Free From Show is the largest show of its kind, with thousands of people popping along to check out the latest alternative products to help them manage their diet and health.

As well as trade stands, there are also seminars and shows that look at the latest cooking techniques and free from dishes, as well as medical experts on hand too.

Have a product to launch or demonstrate? Hire professional demonstration staff from Promotional Models London to extend your reach.

Love Natural Love You

The third show running in tandem is the Love Natural Love You show, a veritable feast of products, services and ideas for you and your home.

As well as advice, attendees will come across all kinds of treats and ideas;

YOU – from skin creams to shampoos, there will be brands offering all kinds of products to customers. Sampling staff can convert ‘lookers into customers’.

FOOD & DRINK – with delicious treats on offer, why not hire a promotional team to entice attendees to try (and buy!) your delicious wares?

HEALTH & FITNESS – from advice to ideas, to workshops and shows, there is a whole array of concepts for people to take advantage of. But how will you stand out from the crowd?

HOME – hints, tips and ideas will be hanging in the air as well beautiful scents and aromas for the home and other natural products. How will you draw a crowd to your stand?

Hiring a promotional team from Promotional Models London is affordable because we offer what you want and need. This tailored approach is unlike any other you will come across so call the team on 0844 800 0071 or use our contact form for more information.

10 Amazing Things to do in London10 Amazing Things to do in London

It is a metropolis bursting at the seams with all kinds of exciting, fun things to do! We’ve taken a look a what there is to do in London and whittled it down to a handful of choices…

#1 The London Eye
Rotating at an elegant speed of 0.6mph, the London Eye offers a fabulous vista of the capital. Look out over the waters of the River Thames, the Houses of Parliament and beyond!

#2 Dine in the Shard
If you have a head for heights and want an even more panoramic bird’s eye view of the city, enjoy the dizzying heights of the Shard. At 244 metres above ground level, it is a view unlike any other. Fast becoming a landmark of modern London, the Shard is well-worth a visit.

#3 Richmond Park
When the hub-bub of the city and bustling pavements becomes too much, pop on over to Richmond Park. A beautiful ancient woodland, you may spot the deer in the early morning mist. A vast expanse, hire a bike to explore at your leisure.

#4 Hampton Court Palace
As the seat of the English monarchy, London has many palaces and grand houses to visit. Hampton Court Palace is among the best with the Stuarts and Georgians leaving their mark on the palace. Stand in the rooms where history was made or enjoy the frighteningly good ghost walk too.

#5 The Tower of London
If you love anything that sparkles – and we do – then a visit to admire the stunning Crown Jewels at the Tower of London is an essential visit. As well as admiring the lustre on the diamonds, enjoy the lively Beefeater led tours too.

#6 Tower Bridge
Not people know that the city’s most favourite bridge now has a glass viewing platform that makes looking at the road and river 42 metres below a little hair-raising. The six glass panels weigh 500kg each and are 11 metres in length and as well as the vista beneath your feet, you can enjoy the view up and down the river too.

#7 Imperial War Museum
The legacy and scars of the First World War are a powerful story and reminder of the damage wars and conflicts bring. With moving accounts and personal artefacts from the war, you will find time spent at the Imperial War Museum both moving and memorable.

#8 Madame Tussauds
To lightening the mood, why not admire the latest additions to the waxworks at Madame Tussauds? With royalty rubbing shoulders with film stars and celebrities, the lifelike models are perfect for anyone who loves a selfie with the rich and famous.

#9 Take in a show on Broadway
Broadway is theatreland and with hit shows on all of the time, you will be spoilt for choice. Even if you don’t take in a show, walk down the hallowed pavements because you could spot a famous actor or two. Find out what’s on and book a great deal!

#10 St Paul’s Cathedral
An iconic building, Sir Christopher Wren’s architectural masterpiece must be seen to be truly appreciated. But it hides a whispering gallery. The indoor balcony at the base of the dome is perfectly placed to take advantage of the aural phenomenon created by the building’s interior shape. You whisper, and your friend stood 100 feet away will hear loud and clear…

hire trade show models for ICE Gaming, LondonICE Totally Gaming 2018

The whole gaming industry is represented by ICE Totally Gaming, as it extends across all sectors, both online channels and land based. It is a point of contact and also a social hub for the gaming industry, which brings together industry leaders and other stakeholders.

ICE is large and provides quality, and therefore continues to be a dominant event in the industry.


On February 6 2018, the famous ICE Gaming Show for 2018, hosted in London will be launched, and in this event, agents from 67 independent states, including experts in gambling came together. These representatives are ready to let everyone know of their superb groundbreaking products, deliberate on the latest changes in online gambling and also make suggestions and contributions on how the industry will grow better in the future.

In London the event will open at 10am. There are always special products and special performances and various speakers. Promotional Models London will be providing hostesses, booth models, dancers and performers for many clients at this mamazing show.

promo girls to hand out flyers at ICE Totally Gaming ShowICE VOX

These days, a very vital role is given to personalised features and experience in gaming platforms. With personalisation, millennials have that unique feeling of total freedom, and because of this, gaming providers should put in more effort to creating platforms that are personalised exclusively.

From official records, the state GDP draws about 10% funds from gambling. There are many gambling stars in Malta, and they dominate Malta’s economy. Some of these stars are Unibet, Betsson, Tipico, Interwetten, and Paddy Power Betfair, among others. From the records, Malta’s gambling industry is filled with about 10 thousand people. This includes around 250 gambling operators that are registered, and also as much as 490 that are issued online gambling licenses.

Need to hire trade show models for ICE Totally Gaming

We have lots of ladies available, to see a sample of our girls click here to go to our model page.

If you need to hire staff for this event. To get a quote for trade show models click here to email us your requirements or to give us a call!