Conference Staff

Conference staff hire in LondonHiring Promotional Models As Conference Staff in London

London and the surrounding area is full of business and bustling activity, and there is no shortage of conferences and corporate events. The time and effort that goes into these types of events can be astronomical to think about, especially as they host crowds of people. It’s not easy endeavor and needless to say there are many staffing needs to fill and it’s not always to find that many temps on short notice, assuming they’d even be worth hiring.

Why not consider hiring promotional models to handle your next big conference or corporate gathering? Don’t be fooled by the title, these adult professionals do a lot more than look pretty for the camera. Any type of staffing skills you may need for a conference, a retreat, or any other business event, they have the skills to handle it. These reliable, courteous, and well-trained individuals will be available throughout your event to make sure things run smoothly.

Temporary Conference Staff & Conference Support

Our staff can handle many and any needs including.

• Entrance monitoring and badge scanning
• Welcome and greeting
• Registration conducted by professional staff accompanied by neatly organised typists
• Providing information and directions for visitors
• Quick and efficient seating/room filling
• Cleaning and maintenance
• Hospitality, refreshments, concession, etc.
• Q & A Hosting

All of the people you’re provided with will be courteous, diligent, and on time around your schedule. They will also come with training and experience to assist in your business endeavors and are well-acquainted with what’s expected of them in a business setting. You’ll also be able to brief them and us on your own expectations so everything goes according to your plans without a hitch. No surprises or incidents.

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With a strong professional hand on things they’ll have everything running smoothly for your next big conference. To get a quote for London Conference Staff then click here to email us your requirements!