Data Collection Staff

data collection staff LondonData Collection & Lead Generation Staff in London

If you’re in need staff to generate leads at your next exhibition, then brilliant! You’ve come to the right place. We can help collect leads for competition, basic market research, or any other related information your company might need. We can generate profiles of staff manually or electronically based on what you would like.

We can also provide sales staff and promotional staff that feel potential clients out so your leads are completely genuine (unlike when you just buy random lists). We can identify real potential customers and clients. Hiring strong leads staff is important and you need more than just a pretty face to get the job done. What really matters is how they interact with their clients and what skills and information they have to make their assessment. You also want to look into how they go about generating these leads.

Our booking staff will make sure to take the time to brief and train your promotional team so they can help you take your product or company to the next level. This isn’t just a team of pretty faces and nice bodies, but leads generation and promotional professionals.

More Services Than One!

Our staff are friendly and engaging and they know how to talk something up. Not only that, but their expertise in the business will be a valuable asset. We can train our people to promote any product imaginable so they can impress your potential customers with their knowledge of what you are selling. They can perform top of the line product demonstrations or conduct opinion surveys. You’re also more than welcome to give us a ring for a telephone interview with staff we provide for you, so you can know you’re getting the best. We will set your sales to soaring and make your company the centre of attention.

Supplying promotional staff across the UK

We work all over the U.K and with a diverse selection of industries. We’ve worked with car dealerships, we’ve facilitated product placement and even worked with public charities. We’re also no stranger to radio and television networks, entertainment, wine and food. You name the industry we’ve probably had some contact with them
So feel free to ring us to find out how we can best for you and your product. We will tailor to your specific needs. We’d love to hear what you have planned and how we can specifically help. If you’d rather forego the phone route we’re also always happy to receive your emails, click here to send us your requirements.