How to Become a Successful ModelHow to Become a Successful Model

The demand for models of all ages, gender, looks and sizes has never been greater. And yet so many would-be models hold themselves back from what could be a successful modelling career as they are put off by the sometimes less-than-pleasant reputation that breaking into modelling can have.

Steps to modelling success!

If you want to break into modelling, here are six steps to modelling success!

Step 1 – Build your photographic portfolio

Your face is your fortune – or your hands, hair, body, depending on the type of modelling you would like to do – but potential clients will only hire you if they can see who you are and what you can do.

Building a portfolio of shots of you in different looks is critical to modelling success but – and this is worth noting – you need to invest in your portfolio with professional photographs. Selfies are not going to cut it! The better lit the photos are, the more you can convey with each shot and the different styles and poses used means you have a more diverse portfolio to show potential clients.

Step 2 – Find a trustworthy modelling agency

This tends to be the step that poses the most ‘danger’ in terms of getting your modelling career started but it seems that with every turn, there is someone trying to scam you out of your money whilst promising to fulfill your modelling dreams.

Modelling, like every other profession, is competitive, rewarding, challenging and competitive. A genuine, trustworthy modelling agency or representative will give just as much detail about them as they want from you.

Take note of their bio, what they say about themselves, what they do and who they represent. Take a look at independent review sites too.

HINT – this step can take time to find genuine modelling agencies. Don’t fall at the first hurdle and fall for the first agency you come across!

Step 3 – Contact modelling agencies

Most agencies will have a similar process of application. You’ll be asked to apply online with a certain number of headshots, as well as completing a form that tells them a little more about you. If they like what they see or represent models in your niche, they will contact you back before they place you on their ‘models to hire’ gallery.

TIP – Some agencies will ask you to attend a modelling shoot and you will pay for the photos.

These are not modelling agencies who represent you but can give you more direction when it comes to applying to model agencies that cover your niche. Take care as they can give the impression they are an ‘agency’ and keep their fees hidden.

Step 4 – Practice

Modelling is a skill, an art and a craft. Small tweaks to how you stand, walk, move your hands and arms or smile can make a big difference to the results a client or photographer wants from models.

Step 5 – Attend castings

Casting is a process that a client will use to choose the model or models they want to hire for their project. Once you have successfully registered with an agency, attending these castings is important because it is from these that you will not only get modelling jobs but start to build your professional experience too.

Step 6 – Being you

Diva antics of a supermodel are not welcomed by anyone, not even the clients of supermodels! Being enthusiastic, genuine, friendly and reliable are key to a successful modelling career along with talent, enthusiasm and confidence. It also requires persistence and tenacity too.

Being a model can bring you so many rewards from working on great projects to travelling, meeting fantastic people and so much more. But it’s hard work too. Do you have what it takes to become a successful model?

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