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From the end of March into April every year and for two glorious weeks, thousands of interior design, food and drink loving members of the public flock to The Ideal Home Show.

Olympia London transforms into prime retail space in Kensington with over 600 companies and businesses showcasing their products to a quarter of a million visitors.

The Ideal Home Show is the world’s longest running exhibition, a lofty claim is ever there was one. In 1908 when suffragettes were making their cause known and Henry Ford’s Model T motor car rolled off the production line, the Ideal Home Show opened its doors for the first time.

Attracting royalty and celebrities, it is the place to be seen. For your brand, exhibiting at the Ideal Home Show brings more sales, a chance to connect with your customers, promote your brand story and test the market too, if you are introducing a new service or product.

You can also network with key industry figures, placing your brand name firmly on everyone’s lips.

Why hire promotional models for The Ideal Home Show?

Do more – High-energy and vibrant, the floor of the show is a great place to be. With so much happening, so many people to talk to and connect with, it is simply impossible for you to do everything.

Optimise every minute, every conversation, every lead – It’s a trading floor that requires experienced sales and promotional people to make the most of it. For example, 68% of people who attend the Ideal Home Show are planning on undertaking home renovation and DIY projects. In other words, it is a seller’s paradise.

The right mix of promotional, marketing and selling skills – People who walk past your booth are actively looking for products and services like yours.

Do you have the right team on your stand?

• Make the most of the time
And don’t forget that time is a factor too. Long days for nearly a fortnight of selling, talking connecting and building relationships is a big ask. Wouldn’t a fresh team of promotional models and selling experts make sense?

• Stand out
You must stand out. Over 600 exhibitors are crammed into 40,000m², all of whom want to make an impression, grabbing their share of the £400 million that the show organisers estimate will be spent during and after the show. Can you afford to let your slice of this mammoth spend pass you buy?

Hire promotional models from a leading London promotional staffing agency

We have worked with brands across all industry and trade shows, the Ideal Home Show at Olympia London included. We provide the right mix of promotional staff when you need them most to optimise and maximise every minute at a trade show.

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