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promo models londonPromotional Models – What Are They and Are They Good for Business?

A lot of people may have the term promotional model used in marketing. It’s an alternative means of marketing as opposed to the use of traditional means of media advertising. This can apply to a great many types, but when it comes down to it this term applies to a person. It is a person who represents your company to the general public and gets your name out there in the local community. It’s somewhat of a grassroots type of marketing that carries a personal touch that helps to create an even better name for your company with potential clients and customers.

What is the promotional model, though?

It’s basically a person or model that walks and talks around the local venues to represent the company. Promotional models tend to be easy on the eye, but they could be just about anything from cheerleaders to mascots, to respectable men in suits. They carry the disadvantage of a smaller reach and a greater cost but they provide your marketing with a personal touch. They can also be trained to answer questions and hand out information about your product or service.

At the same time your promotional model can go place that traditional advertising campaigns can’t. They can spot local venues, appeal to a certain fan base or demographic, and by interacting personally with the community they can create a strong positive impression that can only be made in person. The human being is very tactile and visual creature. Creating an ad that can be seen and heard is an effective way to reach people, but better than that is someone they can see and touch, and perhaps most importantly interact with one on one. They can also create strong relationships and help build the network of your company from the ground up.

Working with a promotional model takes time and energy, and even capital, and compared to other marketing methods it reaches fewer for people for more. Have you ever heard the old marketing adage, however, “It’s better to be seen a thousand times by a hundred people than be seen a hundred times by a thousand people” This basically sums up at least in part, the role of the promotional model. You don’t just want to sell your product you want to sell your company. This starts by building your brand from the ground up, and starting local, which is how most great businesses were born, and it continues to be a successful model today. Putting a face to your brand name makes your marketing personal, strong, and focused, and altogether more effective.

Whether it’s a mascot, a spokesperson, or even just a standard model, this can be a revolutionary way to sell your brand. As with all things though, you have to decide if it suits you personally. You’ll have to consider how you would use your promotional model, what kind of personality you want them to represent, and if you think it would work for your company.

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