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Temporary Sales Staff for Hire in London

Promotional Models London is the go-to exhibition sales staff agency, providing exceptional sales and promotional staff for clients exhibiting at trade shows and exhibitions.

As a business, it may not always be possible to bring your in-house sales team to a trade show, conference or event.

As a small business, you may not have the in-house sales team to staff your trade show booth or exhibition stand.

Staffing your stand with every employee you have is incredibly expensive as no one is left in the office and no orders are delivered, no products or sales call made.

There is an affordable solution and it comes with unparalleled success: hire professional sales and promotion staff with Promotional Models London.

Why hire professional sales and promotional staff?

There are many benefits such as;

• A professional team acting as a bolt-on to your current sales drive
• Engage more potential customers and gathering leads
• Create a strong impression with their professional, friendly approach
• Our staff covering more of your stand, boosting your presence and impact at the show
• Benefit from our staff ‘lead-spotting’, taking orders and customer contact details
• Specialist skills such technology and IT experience
• Trained on your products and service, either via Skype or face-to-face

Our promotional staff quickly adapt, experienced in picking up company information, brand ethos and voice. Fully briefed before the show, the sales and promotional team you hire from Promotional Models London really will set your business apart from competitors.

Gain even more from your next trade show or exhibition with a freelance sales and promotion team

Trade shows and exhibitions are busy places. Promotional and sales staff can act as a ‘fence’, screening people as interested customers. Potential customers can be referred to you or another member of staff, leaving the sales team free to continue talking to and interacting with passers-by.

It takes confidence, intelligence, adaptability and experience to provide all this and our sales team have it all!

Why turn to Promotional Models London?

We are a well-known agency, with a reputation for providing reliable, professional, experienced and successful freelance promotional and sales teams for corporate clients across a range of industries and sectors.

Competitively priced, our services bring many benefits including;

• Improved promotion of your business to event attendees, with intelligent and confident introduction to your brand, products and services
• More sales leads
• Demonstration of your products and facilities too
• Enhanced engagement rates with show attendees
• Encourage further contact via social media or apps
• Can provide administrative duties too, such as ticket scanning, collecting customer details, manage stock orders and sale enquiries and more!

We work with national and international business of all shapes and sizes. If you would like to make your next exhibition, event or trade even more of a success, contact Promotional Models London on 0844 800 0071 or use the contact form.

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