Christmas lights switch on LondonThe Christmas Lights of London: Light up Your Holiday

The entire western world is getting ready for the Christmas season, which believe it or not lies just around the corner. If you happen to be in London for this special time there are many sights you won’t want to miss. In order to make your Christmas shine this year we suggest you pay a visit to the Christmas Lights of London. The awe-inspiring sights and festivities that will greet your eyes can be described as nothing short of absolutely breathtaking.

Remember when we were children and our parents took us out to see the lights around town? Remember how it captured our imaginations and lit a spark of the Christmas spirit in our hearts? Imagine that but on an astounding scale. Take for example the lights that are already on at Oxford Street and are expected to remain so throughout the season and beyond all the way up until the 6th of January. In the process of taking in the stunning imagery you can also support a good cause as the NSPCC has announced it’s “Little Stars” campaign, allowing you to dedicate a light to a loved for a small donation of £5.

Carnaby Lights

Similar events will start on the 10th of November in Carnaby and on the Strands extending to Villiers Street, a tradition that spans back nearly a century. The lights of The Strands are especially impressive offering viewers a green Christmas with lights powered completely by eco-friendly bio-fuels in lie of traditional energy.

And finally the lights turn on, on 12 November on the King’s Road and Duke of York Square. These lights will turn on at 4pm and remain so all night long for your viewing enjoyment. It’s perfect way to lift the spirits, get into the Christmas mood, and bring the family together for the special holidays.

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