Three Secrets to Trade Show SuccessThree Secrets to Trade Show Success

We have worked with hundreds of clients to make trade shows and exhibitions the success that they want and need them to be. Some are more successful than others. Are there secrets to trade show success?

We’ve got three great insider tips…

The starting point

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression, a fact that will serve as our starting point.

With the exhibition season in full swing, our handpicked teams of promotional staff are working their magic at trade show stands and exhibition booths across the country. But only a fraction of brands will get what they want from the trade show, despite our best efforts and brilliant staff.

You need to start well and that means creating the right impression. An impressive stand with professionally designed materials and backdrop is key, staffed by people wearing your logo and brand colours to give a corporate, professional feel.

But you are only half way there. And these are the secrets you need to be let in on.

#1 Buyers buy from PEOPLE

The crash of 2008 and the subsequent austerity measures are still hurting. Well-known names disappeared overnight and so no matter what you are selling, whether it is luxury holidays or scrubbing brushes, people buy from people.

The stand may look beautiful. It may look professional. It may be stunning with flashing lights and the latest tech. But the first minutes of talking to the staff on your stand is the time that a consumer will make the decision whether to buy from you. Or not.

Professional promotional, event and trade show staff are worth their weight in gold – or sales and qualified leads! Isn’t it time you took a closer look at hiring promotional staff for your next trade show?

#2 It’s not all talk, talk, talk…

Communication is not just about talking. It is listening too, understanding what the customer is saying, what their problem is and what solution you could offer.

We communicate verbally and non-verbally. And that is why those non-verbal signs are just as important as a trade show stand team with the gift of the gab.
It is how people look, the smile that they give and the overall impression that they want to be there.
It is the looking attentive, rather than standing back with arms folded. It is the ‘being busy but approachable’ look, something that comes with experience and practice.

#3 Don’t leap on people

There is a balance to be struck. Yes, the stand cost a lot of money, you need a return on your investment, you want to engage and connect with customers, you need leads…

Take a breath! Everyone is in the same position but some stands seem more manic than others. Staff encroach on the aisle space, with an almost on-the-prowl look about them.

Don’t leap. Don’t crowd people out. Let people browse. Say hello, offer help, have a chat but do it with a professional calmness rather than a manic, over-the-top exuberance.

Our promotional and event staff are a talented bunch. They are experienced too, having worked at many different kinds of trade shows and exhibitions at venues across the UK and the international trade show scene too. They can provide ideas and feedback that mean with small tweaks in the way things are done, could give you a fantastic return.


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